"Without A Net" tops 2013 NPR Music Jazz Critics Poll

December 18th, 2013

from npr.org

The 2013 NPR Music Jazz Critics Poll
By: Francis Davis

NPR Music is pleased to present the results of a poll asking well over 100 jazz critics to pick their favorite recordings of 2013.

For eight consecutive years now, this annual poll has been conducted by Francis Davis, one of the most respected critics in the field. In 2006, he invited 30 of his fellow writers to share ranked lists of their favorite records for the Village Voice, where he was the jazz critic. Since then, the poll has grown tremendously. Over the last month, 136 print journalists, bloggers and broadcasters, mostly from the U.S. but including a few from Europe, nominated over 700 different albums released in 2013. This year, we’re thrilled to welcome his exhaustive project to our site.

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